How to Make Halal Supplements and Skincare Products?

How to Make Halal Supplements and Skincare Products?

The demand for halal products such as health supplements and skincare is rising. However, it remains unmet because both the health supplement and cosmetics business industry are still dominated by non-halal brands, while halal products are not that easy to find. Why is this a great time for you to take this opportunity? What are the requirements to produce halal-certified products?

In this article, we will talk about halal products, how to produce them, and their business prospects. Feel free to discuss more with us here, or click the green button on the right side of your screen to chat directly with our team.

The term “Halal” comes from the Arabic word “حلال‎‎” which means “permissible”. For Muslim consumers, it is mandatory to make sure the products they use consume have the halal logo on the product label, which is gained through the halal certification process assessed by the halal certification body. As for the brand, obtaining a halal certificate provides credibility that gives the halal-conscious consumers assurance to use and consume your product.

The Halal Product Requirements

To be halal-certified, you have to prove that your health supplement or skincare product is made in accordance with Islamic Sharia laws. Therefore, you must pay attention to the things below:


All tools and equipment used for halal products manufacturing should be prevented from any kind of cross-contamination with the non-halal ones. Therefore, all traces of smell, taste, and color must be removed from the apparatuses that involve both halal and non-halal products. These measures must be documented and recorded via a sanitation standard operating procedure.


Pay attention to the raw materials and ingredients used. Each supplier must disclose the information regarding their ingredients and manufacturing practices. Halal producing facilities must involve tracing measures that ensure halal products are accounted for from start to finish. Facilities may institute color-coded tags, or utilize computer software to support and enhance this effort.


The manufacturing facility should be fit to produce a clean (taahir) product. Therefore, it is important to meet the Government and industry standards such as GMP, HACCP, ISO, and SQF are all positive supplements to have in your portfolio as a business, even though all are not required for halal certification purposes.


It is essential that animal-derived ingredients used are sourced from halal-certified suppliers, or remain completely separate from non-halal products. You have to make sure that no prohibited (Haram) ingredients are included in your product.

Why Should You Start Your Halal Product Business Now?

Halal nutraceuticals and cosmetic products are gaining awareness and increasing demand among the 2.4 billion Muslim consumers worldwide. Over the past 10 years, halal-certified products and services have been in high demand and trending. According to Thomson Reuters’ report of State of the Global Islamic Economy 2018/2019, the halal industry is growing well and expected to surpass $3 Trillion dollars by 2023, and it’s time for you Smartpreneurs to enter the game. 

Start marketing your very own halal products with us Indocare B2B, a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and Halal certified contract manufacturer that will help your halal product development, including your product’s halal certification process. Be it a health supplement or any kind of personal care product, high-quality halal ingredients and formulations, as well as manufacturing processes in accordance with Halal regulations and (GMP) are guaranteed.

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