Maitake Mushroom Extract for Extra Immune Support

Sanotake is a great health supplement extracted from Maitake ”The King of Mushroom”. Our Maitake is planted in a specially designed plantation area under strict supervision to meet the highest standard. It has many benefits particularly to improve the life quality of cancer patients. Made from top grade Maitake mushroom, it helps to restore the body systems into its optimum state and enables the body to fight cancer. Maitake D-Fraction contains protein bound polysaccharides known as beta 1,6 glucan and beta 1,3 glucan that boosts the body immune system and prevents the growth and migration of cancer cells. Sanotake has been proven to increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy and also minimize the side effects that usually occur. This is highly trusted and recommended by the medical experts as the perfect choice for complementary cancer therapy.


Unique Properties:

  • Natural and safe
  • Clinically proven
  • High quality maitake mushroom
  • Work synergistically with chemotherapy