The Better Vitamin C: Ester C

The Better Vitamin C: Ester C

The Better Vitamin C? There are many supplement products available in the market, but Ester C is still offering the best advantages of vitamin C. What are the benefits of Ester C compared to other supplements?

In this article, you can get more info about the excellence of Ester C compared to other supplements out there. Leave your questions about supplement products marketing on the green form on the right side of your screen. We will be more than happy to help you asap.

The Better Vitamin C

Ester C is not a product brand, but a patented form of calcium ascorbate that contains metabolites. These metabolites are the reason why Ester C is different from other supplement, that is also made from pure calcium ascorbate. Ester C has a number of excellences as listed below:

1. Gentle on stomach

Ester C has 6,0-7,0 pH level, which means its acidity level is close to water (neutral). This is why Ester C is gentler on the stomach. On the other hand, other supplements have 2,5-3,7 pH level which results in a higher risk of stomach pain. So, why not choose Ester C?

2. Stay longer inside your body

The human body needs Vitamin C all day long. Ester C can stays inside the body all day, meanwhile, other supplement can only stay inside the body for approximately 8 hours after intake. So, why don’t we offer a product that can fulfill the consumers’ needs?

3. Safer for kidney

Oxalate is an excess of Vitamin C metabolism that is excreted by the body along with urine. However, when meeting calcium, oxalate can cause a formation of kidney stones. Compared to other supplement, Ester C has a lower risk of oxalate buildup. This means Ester C also has a lower risk of kidney stones formation. So, offer a product that is safer for your consumers’ body, like Ester C.

4. Fast absorption

Ester C is a unique Vitamin C, thanks to special active metabolite within. This special active metabolite helps to accelerate the body’s ability to absorb Vitamin C, which makes it absorbed faster. Contrarily, it takes a longer time for other supplement that has no metabolite threonate to be absorbed by the body. So, it’s crystal clear that Ester C is the superior Vitamin c supplement product.

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