One-Stop Product Development Solution

We are a comprehensive contract-manufacturing service, for personal care and health supplements product development. We will deal with the long process of product development so you can focus on what is really important for your company.

It is our pleasure to help you create the products that you require. We are here as your partner in the highly competitive business market, and together we are going to discover new ideas and transform them into a high quality product.

One-Stop Product Development Solution

Our Strengths

Our expertise spans across the entire stages of product development process – starting from concept, formulation, stability and compatibility test, product and packaging design, registration, and finish with the mass production. We offer you various innovative ideas that will be transformed into products, especially customized to meet your specific requirements and target market.

For companies with limited research capability, our access to R&D and full manufacturing service will obviously offer you an upper hand. You’ll be able to market your new product in no time, without overloading the R&D and manufacturing budget.

We have our commitment on efficacy and safety for every product produced by our manufacturing plant. Therefore, we provide you with products that are not only highly beneficial for health and beauty but also safe to be used. Our claim for first-rate quality has been proven through researches and tests conducted by experts.

The principle above is one of the manifestations of our business conduct that put integrity as the first priority. How we run the business has been appreciated by Good Corporate Governance Award (GCG) that highlights Indocare’s adherence to above-standard level in commitment, transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, fairness, competence, mission, leadership, collaboration, moral ethics and business strategy.

In addition, all of the product development process also complies with the Halal certification from the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI), this is also a solid proof that we care for the whole aspect of product safeness including making sure that you are marketing safe-to-be-used products for everyone.


Our service is fully dedicated to contract manufacturing. This is definitely a key point for you as it ensures our commitment to the entire production process – from concept to mass production.

By working with Indocare, you are rest assured that we dedicate our best efforts to complete the project according to the schedule and product specifications. This is especially beneficial for recurring projects that span over a longer term as future productions are essentially guaranteed.

Our integrated supply chain constitutes the entire steps in the supply distribution, allowing efficiency in procurement of base materials, production, packing, shipping, storage, distribution and sales.

In accordance with your specific needs, we are capable to obtain raw materials and packaging materials from overseas. Furthermore, on-time delivery is our top priority, preserving the value of the finished products.

Ever since the beginning in 2008, Indocare has adhered to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in compliance not only with government regulations but also the international standards and practices. GMP surrounds essential aspects in production, including building and facilities, equipment, sanitation and cleanliness, quality assurance, documentation, and product withdrawal.

Those standardizations are applied to manufacturing processes of all dosage forms including solid, semi solid, or liquid. The practice demonstrates our commitment to deliver superior quality and completely safe products.

Indocare also applies ISO 9001: 2015; a standardized quality management system to meet your requirements and expectations.

In order for our clients to be able to launch innovative products and become the first in the market, our Research & Development team constantly curates the newest and the best active ingredients from all over the world.

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